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Google Visual Assets Guidelines – Part 1

11 Jun

Google Visual Assets Guidelines – Part 1

Curious as to what standards shape Google’s branding. Take a look here.


Apple iOS 7 Promo Video

11 Jun

Beautiful new interface and user experience.

More screenshots and information here.

Glass Half Full – Google’s UX Approach

30 May

Interesting article about positive actions and UX, per Google.

ImageGoogle’s Dead-Simple Tool For Making UX Decisions: 2 Jars Of Marbles


Yahoo! Weather, The Forecast is Beautiful

25 Apr
Yahoo! Weather, The Forecast is Beautiful

The new Yahoo! Weather app brings these photos to your iPhone and iPod touch, so you can get your forecast with stunning photos from our Flickr community that reflect the current weather conditions.


Applying Dieter Ram’s ten principles to web design

24 Apr

Applying Dieter Ram’s ten principles to web design

Great article about usability and design. My favorite part was seeing well designed sites circa 1999 vs. 2012 – some designs (ie Apple, Google, Amazon) have barely changed.

six : 01 – Martin Luther King’s Last 32 Hours Interactive Site

4 Apr


six : 01 – Martin Luther King’s Last 32 Hours

Still working out some bugs but take a lookt at this interactive site we made in honor the MLK’s last 36 hours.


The Legend Grows – Eric Koston

27 Mar

The Legend Grows – Eric Koston

An awesome site dedicated to skateboarding legend Eric Koston who is releasing the Koston 2 shoe soon. The animations and interactions are great – too bad it’s flash and also not iOS mobile compatible.