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What’s It’s Really Like to Be a Google Intern

14 Jun

Interesting to see how Google not only challenges their interns but changes their way of thinking.


Google Visual Assets Guidelines – Part 1

11 Jun

Google Visual Assets Guidelines – Part 1

Curious as to what standards shape Google’s branding. Take a look here.

Glass Half Full – Google’s UX Approach

30 May

Interesting article about positive actions and UX, per Google.

ImageGoogle’s Dead-Simple Tool For Making UX Decisions: 2 Jars Of Marbles


Google, Adidas Partner For Shoes That Talk

11 Mar

I think when we look back at the aesthetics of these hideous shoes, we’re going to compare them to 1980’s shoes with the pumps on the tongue. But even though these things wouldn’t fit under the cup of any jeans, the concept pushes boundaries and may be the future of footwear.

HERE is the entire article.


How It Feels [through Glass]

21 Feb

A preview of Google’s newest, forward thinking, augmented reality. project