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Google Visual Assets Guidelines – Part 1

11 Jun

Google Visual Assets Guidelines – Part 1

Curious as to what standards shape Google’s branding. Take a look here.


Scrabble Brings Free Wi-Fi to Good Spellers

7 Jun

“Bringing Letters and People Together”. Genius.

Full article here: http://www.digiday.com/brands/scrabble-brings-free-wi-fi-to-good-spellers/


9 Apr


I’ve really enjoyed following @redbull on Twitter. Not only have they tweeted me back on multiple occasions, they post things like this.


2013 World of Red Bull Commercial

26 Feb

Maybe the most beautiful commercial I’ve ever seen. I may have a oersonal bias towards Red Bull, but their recent branding has been magnificent (extreme sports, #stratos, events, etc).

Worst Rebrand Ever? Initial Thoughts Suggest YES!

17 Feb

Based on World’s Dumbest Rebrand

Absolutely mind-boggling – changing their name from Buy.com to Rakuten.com (and by the way, I had to recheck the page for the correct way to spell it – a reason in iteself that the rebrand is off to a bad start).

One commenter likened the renaming to Google rebranding Urchin to Google Analytics. While I think this comment is irrelevant and ignorant, it leads to a larger thought – maybe the folks at the company formerly known as buy.com have something up their sleeve? Weirder things have happened with online marketplaces and I’m anxious to see the rest of the plan.