“5 Mistakes You’re Making Online” Feedback (and some of my own)

18 Feb


Based on “5 Mistakes You’re Making Online

The Overshare – As they say, once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever. That means tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts. Everything. And stats support the notion that most employers check social media before hiring a person. Keep this in mind as your navigate around social media.

The Start-and-Stop – This is the “New Years Resolution” syndrome – you start something and are hot and heavy into it for a few week and then…nothing. I mentioned in a previous post about enjoying the process while working on a project instead of only focusing on the long term and this statement applies to the s-and-s mistake. Stay diligent and focused but enjoy the now.

No Company Website – Apparently 3/4 US businesses don’t have a website. This number seems incredibly high to me but shows two things – that ONE: if you have one, you’re ahead of the curb and have a definite advantage and TWO: there is quite a bit of freelance opportunity haha. 

One other note with this is that it is much more professional to have a shorter or more concise URL and important for employees to use email addresses from this URL. Nothing screams amateur like a business that uses a Gmail email account as their main form of communication.

A Lackluster Website – This mistake emphasizes the previous point but raises an excellent point – you are what everyone sees you as. If your appearance and branding seem lazy and unprofessional then what’s to change peoples’ minds about how you conduct business? And it encourages the same concept as a dress code – “look good, feel good”. It’s a lot easier to feel good about your business if it externally appears professional.

The Duck-and-Cover – Paying attention to feedback is vital to a successful business, especially online. If an angry or disgruntled user response is triggered, chances are their not the only one experiencing this problem or dissatisfaction. Take user feedback into account and use it to trigger growth and adaption moving forward with your business. Customer is king – always.


  • Feeling obligated to use ALL (or only one) social media to promote your business – It’s necessary in some instances, particularly larger corporations, but do not feel obligated to use all social media. This can often suck time from your day without any benefits.
  • Promoting yourself through social media non-stop – If users don’t get real value out of your social media posts, then why should they follow you or engage with any of your social media outlets. The rule is usually 80/20 with 20% being self promotion (and that number should be a maximum amount). 
  • Not having a responsive website – This point is emphasized in a few previous posts that I’ve had, but nearly 25% of web searches in 2012 were done via a mobile devise. This number is expected to jump dramatically and will only grow as technology adoption increases.
  • Cluttered websites – As much as having an unprofessional website, a cluttered website turns users away. Even if the content is valuable and applicable to the user, if it’s not neatly organized and users don’t get what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds they’ll look elsewhere. There are thousands of search results for most inquiries so why waste time on an overwhelming site?

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