What’s the Best Way to Measure Impact

16 Feb

Based off “What’s the Best Way to Measure Impact”

Interesting point that refugees refused a potentially life-saving product because they thought the package looked like a condom wrapper. The cultural disconnect costs lives and, though an extreme example, emphasizes the importance of genuinely understanding your target audience and that quality design is not just a nice thing to have for your product.

But this process’ disconnect is not a complete failure. The research and adaption shown by the mix supplier helped improve the product and are success essentials that are often disregarded in marketing. Marketing, advertising and branding do not stop when the product or service goes to market, nor should they be restricted to a timed or strategic plan. Consumer research and product adoption help move products to that next tear. There is a reason why companies like Nike and Apple expand so rapidly and continue to make better products.

What it boils down to is that we need to “use qualitative and quantitative research methods to explore the “how” and “why” of problems, not just the “what” and “how much.”


Design is a powerful process, but it’s easy to get wrong because it is as much about the specific tools and techniques as it is about a philosophy: Put people first.


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