Web Typography Trends in 2013

15 Feb

Web Typography Trends Article

The mentioned article contains several trends that align with some thoughts I had about UX Design Trends for 2013. The “bigger is better” mentality I mentioned in my post gets some recognition with the Extreme Font Weights and Big Typography Logos trends that designmodo mentions. Large typography (combined with More White Space – another of their trends) help draw attention to and organize content. Though this may seem obvious, it’s an overlooked aesthetic in an age of more, more, more. These three trends also help develop the minimalistic layout fad that will likely continue to grow through 2013.

Another trend that I see expanding is the use custom fonts on the web. Though this has been around since CSS2 it’s a hidden gem of the front-end development world. As web knowledge expands and the need for customization gets greater, @font-face provides a CSS method to use unique fonts quickly and easily. Here is a link on how to use this query.

One final trend to mention is customizing typography through CSS. Word-spacing, letter-spacing, font-size, color and many other CSS elements make creating unique typography a quick and easy process. With CSS3 compatibility growing and older browsers becoming extinct (I’m looking at you, <IE8), this trend should grow quickly in 2013.

” Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. ” – Rudyard Kipling


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