Nike Named Most Innovative Company of 2013

11 Feb

Interesting list and fitting that Nike was listed as number 1. I recently wrote about one of their products and its beautiful interface and you can view that post .

A couple notes from reading the article:
Google and Apple were not listed in the top ten and were both listed behind Pinterest. This caught me off guard, especially Google. I understand that Apple’s products may not actually perform the best and that it may just seem like they’re updating existing products, but what does it’s popularity say about how it’s seen as an innovator. Apple arguably has the best UX and intuitive interface of any gadgets ever and this alone should propel them to the top of the list. And Google as a company sets the bar for other forward thinkers. I know that the company I currently work for is an IT company and is pushing to make its culture “Google-esque”. They’re THE tech company driving tech companies, but not in the top 10?
Microsoft barely cracked the list coming in at 48 during a year to which they released a “new and improved” operating system. While I have not personally used Windows 8, nearly being left off the list is a test to the lack of embrace for the product. Combined with the heavy push for Xbox Kinect and cross device compatibility (in collaboration with Nike, WarnerBros, and others), Microsoft is due for a bounce back this year.
– Ad agency Droga5 comes in at number 29, proving the importance of solid design and branding in the growth of businesses.


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