UX Trends for 2013 Feedback

7 Feb

Top Trends for 2013

A few thoughts on these trends…

Sure “Quantified Ambition” is intelligent – but should that make this list? Is it not a fundamental business principal in 2013? Are companies and strategist currently evolving without the support of numbers? Do business execs and investors not demand real numbers to support movement? Are our daily lives not driven by ratings and statistics (to which I’d include others’ experiences and reviews)?

Is augmented reality in high demand or is it just a “cool” engagement method that companies use to seem innovative? This is an honest question because I do not see this as an immediate trend. Maybe a few years down the road as never-before-seen technology adoption continues to become more of a norm – but I don’t see it as a heavy hitter in 2013.

Instead, how about the evolution and true adoption of big data – using consumer information to tailor their web experience. While this is adopted to a heavy degree, but does it translate across fields? Do credit card companies offer user data to I associated retailers for an insight to their shopping habits? Does a payment processor feed consumer payment histories to merchants as an opportunity to grow their own business?

A visual trend I’d look for is “bigger is better” meets minimalist. Large images, typography and media while maintaining spacing and limiting clutter and content. While minimalism may seem a bit overused, until truly engaging user experiences can be more neatly and universally organized minimalism will live on.

And with new trends comes dying ones. One of these will be parallax scrolling. While an easy way to engage a user, this trendy animation often overshadows content and may stunt overall site usage. Not to mention that this is difficult to translate to mobile.

Another dying trend will be mobile sites as apps (thank God). As app development continues to boom, so do app standards. Users have already backlashed by rating mobile site apps negatively (see 5/3 banking app) and will continue to do so as app usage and consumer expectations continue to increase.

Time will tell if the above will be true. Stay tuned.


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    […] mentioned article contains several trends that align with some thoughts I had about UX Design Trends for 2013. The “bigger is better” mentality I mentioned in my post gets some recognition with the […]

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